Monica Angle


        I use monoprinting techniques as way of hand-printing in my own studio.  I tear paper down to size and dampen the sheets before printing.  To develop the image, I brush or roll watercolor ink onto glass, and transfer the ink onto the paper, by pressing the back of the paper with a baren.  Each layer of color soaks into the surface, and this is the quality that appeals to me about working on paper.  Layering the watercolor ink allows the color to radiate from within the paper.   When I am finished with all of the printing, I assemble groups of monotypes into a visual sequence and collage them over a painting, which is revealed through the margins of the sheets.

        I am often busy in my studio spaces located in my home as well as in the Trimain Center, Suite 553 ( in Buffalo, NY.  There I share a working space with other local artists.   

        The video below highlights my work process and explains more about the monoprints, collages, and handmade books that I create.

Studio photo and video series by Natalie Hofert

Studio: How I Work